Organizing cultural exchanges that bring together young, hip business professionals to mingle, network and build connections with young adults from different cultures is a growing effort in Greensboro. FaithAction International House, Face to Face GSO, and Church World Service Greensboro Immigration & Refugee Program, work together to organize these events.

Cultural Exchange organizers recognized that many immigrants and refugees weren’t interacting much with U.S.-born Americans, especially if they weren’t working in the same sector or if language barriers were involved. The receiving community didn’t understand who the newcomers were, and why they were living in Greensboro.

A series of community building activities in Greensboro now helps facilitate greater community understanding.  These range from a large-scale, community-wide events like the Mosaic Festival that attracts thousands, to smaller events like the exchanges that bring together a handful of people for more focused interaction.  The aim with all of the activities is to help develop the one-on-one connections that build mutual understanding and appreciation of diversity in the community.

The annual Mosaic Festival provides the opportunity for immigrants and refugees to share their cultures more broadly with the receiving community. The free event draws thousands every summer to enjoy live performances on outdoor stages, as well as an ethnic food fair, and arts and crafts representing more than 20 cultural traditions. Now in its fifth year, the festival also features an expo tent where artisans demonstrate their talents, as well as a popular family and children’s area with games.

From small, networking events with young people to the community-wide Mosaic Festival, organizations in Greensboro are working together to help bring together their community.  

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