Promoting Refugee and Community Wellness Toolkit


 The Promoting Refugee and Community Wellness guide, a publication exploring the connections between wellness and welcoming communities. Created in partnership by the National Partnership for Community Training and Welcoming America, the webinar will focus on how those from diverse sectors – such as academics, employers, health providers, and neighbors - can create a vibrant ecosystem that supports refugee and community wellness.

Toolkit Release: Community Planning Process Guide

Archived Webinar

Communities across the country are coming together to promote more inclusive environments. This special webinar marked the official release of the Community Planning Process Guide, a how-to resource for communities working on cross-sector, collaborative approaches to creating more welcoming communities.

Guide author Jan Reeves shared highlights from the guide and some of the top lessons learned from the experience in Boise, Idaho, to create greater refugee welcome.

Community Planning Process Guide for Fostering Greater Refugee Welcome


The world is on the move, bringing diverse people to U.S. communities. Global migration provides an opportunity for local communities to welcome new talent and recognize the importance of an inclusive and dynamic approach. Forward-thinking communities reflect upon what these changes mean locally and how to foster a community climate in which all are welcome and can contribute to their fullest potential. The alternative is to respond to demographic changes reactively rather than proactively, which can lead to fear, division, greater misunderstanding, backlash and decline.