Torture is a deliberate and systematic dismantling of a person’s identity and humanity through physical or psychological pain and suffering. Torture’s purpose is to destroy a sense of community, eliminate leaders, create a climate of fear and produce a culture of apathy.

The National Capacity Building Project is a collaboration among CVT, the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture to provide continued capacity building and training to organizations across the United States serving survivors of torture.

The program was created as an attempt to provide education and awareness toward the plight of refugees to the greater Catholic Community. One way to do this is through school system program days, while inviting parents of students to “work the camp” as staff. The Archdiocesan School Office is the main partner in this project as the value of recognizing a small bit of what refugees go through is expressed to both students, faculty, and parent (sometimes grandparent) volunteers.